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VW Scirocco

In 2006 when Volkswagen announced the return of the Scirocco, the automotive world was hooked by interest. Would it be as hideous looking as the two previous generations or would it create a new trend. The third generation Scirocco certainly did give all those in doubt a run for their money and exceeded the expectations of Vdub fans, so much so that it won Top Gear’s ‘Car of the Year 2008’. Wait! Before you decide to close this page thinking; “Agh!!! Another VW, how common” let me tell you about Experience Performance’s 11.9 seconds beastly Scirocco.
The 2011 three-door German descendant is decked up in a rising blue and also sports complimenting decals for APR Tuners. While the rear end might look like a hatchback, the front and sides scream out coupe. She is fitted with a full 76mm exhaust and rides on 20-inch Emotion wheels wrapped with Falken 255/30/20 at the rear and 235/30/20 in the front.
The interior is mainly black with a contrasting yet eye catching grey. The dash surfaces also take on black with silver styling areas. VW have replicated the Golf into the Scirocco a tad bit more than they should have. The Golf-like interior may indeed give any VW fanatic a boost of euphoria. The standard sound that all Sciroccos come with isn't going to make one burn with desire to enter sound competitions; however it does serve its purpose.
Let me stop being a tease and tell you how Experience Performance has the fastest Scirocco in the world. Yes the fastest!

Although it comes standard with KO3 turbocharge, Experience Performance decided to up its power a bit, or shall we say 'a bit too much'. They hooked up a Borg Warner K04 turbo and piping along with APR Tuned stage 2+ software, plus a Snow Performance stage 2 water methanol injection kit, and XYZ Racing coil-overs to this little machine. The Scirocco runs pump fuel which is complemented by the WMI system, and no racing fuel or octane boosters are used. Did I not mention she's a beast!
The thrilling VW machine pushes out the power of 299kw with 530Nm torque on a race file and 285kw with 500Nm torque on an everyday file. Its best quarter mile time was a whopping 11.963 seconds at 194.6km/h driven by Sameer Dawood (Matuba 8 July 2012). While it has the best quarter mile time, with stock turbo, of 12.8 seconds at 174km/h driven by Anisa Dawood. This was on her first time ever on the drag strip, and also the first time that a stock turbo TSi engined car broke into the 12 second bracket in South Africa. And you guys think chicks can't drive! Hmphf!
Scirocco fan or not, you have to admit that Experience Performance’s little beast is bound to spark up some debating encounters on and off the strip. This Scirocco has the ability of giving any driver the best 12 seconds of his or her life, unless Experience Performance tweaks her a little more and breaks into this 10 seconds arena. All we can say is “Watch this space!”…

Editorial: Sonam Sareen
Photography: Mohammed Khan
Technical Specifications
Borg Warner  K04 Turbo and Piping  
APR Tuned Stage 2+ Software  
Experience Performance Full 76mm Exhaust  
Experience Performance Cold Air Intake  
Snow Performance Stage 2 Water Methanol Injection Kit  
XYZ Racing Coilovers  
20 Inch wheels Emotion  
1/4 mile in 11.96 secs  
299kW and 530Nm (on race file)  
285kW and 500Nm (on everyday file)  

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